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Acura TL 2006

Ford GT 2005, Ford only produced 4038 total GT’s from 2004 to 2006.

Frank and resident of Danville bought this Ford GT in 2005.

He had an accident with the front nose of his car and did not turn it in to his Insurance Company so it would not affect his already high premiums. He talked to Shaun his regular mechanic at walnut creek Ford who did not know a Body Shop who would repair and Paint the damaged front nose area. Frank talked to a few people and found Mendelson Autobody. Frank wanted some parts replaced and the nose repaired to keep the price down. We were able to do exactly what he wanted . He was amazed that it looked like new when his car was finished. Frank was so happy that he took me with him to show the mechanic and service writher how great his Ford GT looked again.

San Ramon Auto Body Shop San Ramon Auto Body San Ramon Body Shop Auto Body San Ramon

Rick and Cindy’s 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK320 was hit by another driver. There was damage to the body and the suspension. Travelers insurance totaled the car because they thought the suspension was severely damaged. Rick had bought this car new and Cindy liked to drive it. They retained the vehicle and the insurance paid them the cars value minus salvage value. Rick was referred to Mendelson Autobody by a trusted local mechanic Ace auto repair. Ace easily repaired the suspension. Rick wanted a good job done on repair and painting and was not in a hurry to get it back .

Mendelson Autobody bought a new factory quarter panel . These pictures document a thorough Quarter panel replacement. First the repair area was totally disassembled. The body man Jose first pulled the quarter panel to release stresses and to pull out the damaged inner wheel house. Then he cut off the damager right quarter panel by drilling out all the factory spot welds and hammered and dollied out the damaged wheelhouse. He then fitted the quarter panel to the car, aligned it and cut the upper pillar where it will butt together. He then punched holes on the new quarter in the weld areas and mig welded through these holes to permanently attach the quarter to the body structure. On the upper pillar he seam welded the quarter to the body. After grinding down the welds and putting bondo on the upper pillar weld it went to the paint prepper Jack.

The paint prep started with caulking all the seams, using an etching primer to prevent any moisture from reaching the metal. Jack then primes all the jambs and the new quarter.

Everything was thoroughly blocked sanded and reprimed and the right door and bumper were wet sanded. Javier the painter masked the jambs and then painted them first. The car was thoroughly masked and put in the Spraybake heated down draft paint booth. Javier the painter sprayed 4 coats of the red paint and then applied 2 coats of clear coat. The paint is made by PPG one of the biggest world wide manufactures of automotive paint.

This paint is environmentally friendly water base color coat and Catalyzed Acrylic Urethane clear coat. This paint has a lifetime warranty from PPG to the vehicle owner.

After the paint has cured for a few days it is lightly sanded with a very fine 3000 grit and then thoroughly buffed , swirl removed and glazed to give it a show room finish. Then all the parts are meticulously reinstalled on the vehicle. It is then washed and cleaned inside and outside to the delight of Rick and Cindy.

San Ramon Auto Body Shop San Ramon Auto Body San Ramon Body Shop Auto Body San Ramon





David found Mendelson Autobbody by looking at their many positive Yelp reviews.

His new 2015 Mercedes Benz S550 was just run into by another driver and he was going on vacation in 2 weeks. He left his car at Mendelson Autobody and contacted State Farm Insurance that the car was at Mendelson Autobody. Enterprise rental car picked him up.

The car needed 2 new doors on the right side and right quarter was damaged.

Mendelson Autobody ordered the parts right away and worked with State Farm on the $8,288 estimate. The beautiful black purple pearlescent Mercedes was repaired in the 2 weeks so David could take it on his vacation. He was very happy when he saw his car looked and drove like new again.



Acura TL 2006




BMW 750 LI




Mercedes C350




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