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The three best Japanese cars are Toyota, rated number one, Honda, number two and Nissan coming in third. This includes their high end cars which are Lexus, Acura and Infiniti. The rest of the Japanese cars is a group that trails behind these top three auto makes.


These three brands of Japanese cars are the longest lasting cars made. They often last for over 200,000 miles of relatively trouble free driving. These cars have the latest designs in safety equipment. This includes ABS (antilock brake systems), multiple airbags and advanced all-wheel drive. These cars are designed with the driver in mind. The seats, steering wheel and the controls were all designed and engineered utilizing real people driving the cars and giving their input. Kelly Blue Book rates Toyota as the Best Resale vehicle in 2013, with it's luxury sister brand, the Lexus, winning the Best Resale Value Award for luxury cars. For subcompact and compact cars, Honda is in the top ten for resale value.


Because these three Japanese automakers were originally funded by banks and not by stock sales, they have a different goal. Their goal is long term success of the company fueled by repeat customers and solidly increasing their sales throughout the years. This translates to the philosophy from the top down to build the best and most reliable cars in the world. These cars have a very nice fit and finish from the factory with fewer warranty and customer complaints. They have perfected the small things like door handles that do not break, to the major things like engines that can go for 200,000 miles with only routine service.


The shock absorbers and typical wear items can easily go for 100,000 miles and are often outfitted with beautiful leather interiors that show little wear after years of daily use. Even the older models are easy to keep running since the manufacturers provide an adequate supply of replacement parts. These are only some of the reasons that Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans are the best value cars ever made.





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